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Original Music – Chamber

Original Music – Electonic

Within Reason – 2009
Let Solace Flow – 2012
Ice Sea Step – 2013
Crop Circle – 2014
Zois – 2015
As We Transcend – 2015
Don’t Poke The Dragon – 2015
Outdoorsman – 2016
Avenger – 2019
Like I Said (Music for a podcast) – 2020
Sesame Street Counting Drip – 2021

Conceptual RPG Video Game Music Project – 2018-2019

Your Answers Await (Intro)
Nimbus City Limits (Home)
Playful Scene (At the Beach)
Verdant (Jungle Theme)
Phalanx (Good Guys)
Innocuous Night (Spooky Forest)
Shall We (Battle Music)
Respite House (Save Area)
Hope You Saved (Boss Music)
Badlander (Swamp)
The Road Never Sleeps (Overworld/Fast Travel)
Contemplator (Tropical Cave)
Pressure Is High (Bad Guy Theme)
Omega Ignis (Final Boss)
From Home to Beyond (Credits)

Music for a D&D Podcast – 2020

A Bazaar Feeling
Royal Dou*he
Alas, The Stillness
A Modest Life
Stranger Most Foul
Together We Stride
I Sneereth