Who I Am

Hello! Welcome to the site!

My name is Duroje Gwamna, a lifelong Midwesterner circa February 5, 1988. I am a proud father and spouse, and perhaps the most insatiable Pokémon nerd you’d ever meet.

My love of music started before my first memory, my parents regailing me of painfully embarrasing lyrics to made up songs I used to sing on long car rides. This evolved into playing trombone in school ensembles, and eventually diving head first in the world of music arranging and composition. I owe this to my wonderful high school band director James DePriest for igniting this passion.

I graduated in 2010 with a Music Theory and Composition degree, studying under Dr. William S. Carson, Dr. Steve Shanley, Dr. Joseph Dangerfield and Dr. Marc Falk. My time at Coe catalyzed my time spent working on my craft, arranging music for ensembles, and introducing me to my second love, Sibelius Ultimate Edition.

Coolest wedding favor EVER

I wouldn’t have had these opportunities if it weren’t for these individuals,

I’ve also played trombone in a few local ensembles, including the Coe College Concert Band, Soul Sherpa, various community theatrical productions, and wailing away in a No Doubt Tribute band.

And oh my God, I still need to practice.

Outside of all things music I’m a Software Engineer at ACT, making constant culinary concoctions, (Sarah hates those messes), trying to avoid inevitable collapse on my bike trainer, and chasing this little rugrat below.

Ayotunde William Gwamna, my actual life

Cheers, and I look forward to when our paths cross!